Kızılalan Adventure Park Counts the Days For Opening Mayor Yücel; “Advention Park is Completed We Will Open To Service Asap

  • Selçuk Hakan İmamoğlu

Kızılalan Adventure Park Counts the Days For Open

The Adventure Park, realized by Alanya Municipality, has reached its final stage.President Yücel, who examined the facility, which will be put out to tender on July 27, said, “The works have come to the final stage.He said he would put it into service as soon as possible.Work on the Adventure Park in Kızılalan, one of the mega projects of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, has reached the final stage.The Adventure Park, whose construction has been completed, will go out to tender on July 27.Many areas such as Skyrider, Snowless Skiing, High Rope Track, Low Rope Track, Bagjump, Children''s Playgrounds, Giant Swing, Climbing Wall, Rope Swing, Restaurant, Administrative Building, Horse Stables and Horse Track, Paintball, 200-meter Double Rope Zipline, Local Products Sales Place, and a parking lot will be opened upon completion of the tender process.


Mayor Yücel made investigations at the Adventure Park in Kızılalan today.Mayor Yücel, who supervised the works that came to the last stage in the Adventure Park and stated that they will be ready for the opening in a short time, said, "We have come to the last stage of the Adventure Park, which is the most needed social area for our people, youth and children in Alanya.We will complete the tender process as soon as possible and put it into the service of our people.Good luck.” said.